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GW Slaughter
The Entrepreneurs Coach
Topic: "Waiting on a Paycheck, Chasing Money or Buildeing Wealth.
Which One Are You Doing?

GW Slaughter is a highly accomplished business coach, speaker, and military veteran, based in St. Louis, Missouri. A Desert Storm veteran and 23 year entrepreneur, GW brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to his clients. Simply put, he helps businesses win!

GW is the creator of the AIMS coaching method, (Accountability, Implementation, Mindset, and Strategy). “These are the four conerstones all great leaders must have. It all starts with gratitude. In order to happy where you are going you must be happy with where you are.” 

In 2022, GW helped his clients create more than 60 new jobs and earn millions of dollars in new revenue. On average, his clients saw more than 200 percent increase in revenue, create more lean and happier work environments for their employees and took more time off to spend with their loved ones. 

“I don’t want to 10x your business and you be miserable. I want you to live your best life while making a **** ton of money” -GW